Monday, November 20, 2006

Four Online Tools That A Webmaster Should Know

Four Online Tools That A Webmaster Should Know before Publishing Their Sites

  1. Keyword Popularity Checker Keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for products and services. Our Keyword Popularity Checker provides statistics on how often your keywords and phrases are searched in major search engines. The tool will also suggest other related keywords and phrases that may be of interest.
  2. Meta Tag Generator Checker Meta Tags are used inside the HEAD section of your HTML pages to provide some information about your page to search engines. Not all search engines use Meta Tags, but many do. Listed below is a definition of each Meta Tag and what to enter into the Free Web Submission Meta Tags Generator to create your own Meta Tags.
  3. Web Page AnalyzerThe Free Web Submission Web Page Analyzer tool acts as a search engine robot and displays how a search engine would interpret your web page. The Web Page Analyzer checks your meta tags in addition to your web page content, and will offer advice to improve each. It will also display the keyword density of your web page.
  4. Link Popularity Checker Link Popularity is one of the best ways to measure your website's online visibility and overall Web presence. It is ascertained by the number of web sites that link to your web site and is an important factor in guaging your site's importance, increasing your site traffic and determining your web site's ranking in major search engines like Google.
Follow those Four Steps Systematically. After completing those 4 steps submit your site to search engine.